Building Arts And Minds, Inc.’s (BAAM!) mission is: making art, improving minds.

BAAM! is a newly- incorporated 501(c)(3) arts-integrated, nonprofit dedicated to providing renewably-delivered, Out-of-School time and lifetime education, psychological well-being activities, and social connection programming to high school students, senior citizens and artists of all ages.

BAAM!’s organizes its work into three program areas:

  1. BAAMARTS addresses the need among Baltimore city school youth for OST programming, art-integrated curriculum support, advanced fine art education, and improved academic and social results for kinesthetic learners, English as a second language students, and youth experiencing trauma and PTSD.
  2. BAAMBIZ addresses needs of artists and arts organizations and public schools that are too-often resource-starved to avail themselves of artistic and educational enhancement opportunities, such as communications, program and fundraising.
  3. BAAMBOOMERS addresses needs of aging adults and those approaching the age of onset for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, conditions exacerbated by disengagement, isolation and inactivity. Co-Founder Nancy Holter has worked as a senior citizen home manager, engaging residents in art activities and, both co-founders have had a parent diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Our work is creative, therapeutic, and collaborative. We would love to hear from you.